Sunday Share: Energy

I am very tired. In fact, I almost sad forget the Sunday Share and went to bed – but I love you people too much for that. Enjoy the songs. Please show me you care by right-clicking and saving as.

Anna Nalick: Shine – I hope so much that Anna Nalick's career is bigger than her hit single Breathe (2 A.M.). I imagine that as an artist, it must be so difficult to beat that one-hit wonder, VH1 special status and Nalick is so much better than that. Case in point.

Keri Hilson: Energy – Hilson is R&B's it girl right now and I'm starting to believe that just maybe she deserves it.

The Dream: Livin' A Lie feat. Rihanna – I don't know who's done more guest song appearances Lil' Wayne or Rihanna. You can argue about her talent, but that girl has really found a niche and is clenching it with a vulcan death grip, I have to respect that.