Sunday Share: Back In The Day

New music has been kind of slow and so lately I?ve been going back and listening to a lot of older stuff. Stuff I love and have missed since I really stopped playing cd?s on a regular basis. Here is a smattering of some stuff that still makes me smile even though all of them are at least 10 years old.

Ahmad: Back In The Day – Dare you not to love this song. I DARE YOU! And if you?re in your late twenties/early thirties, you probably still know all the words.

Brownstone: I Can?t Tell You Why – I miss good girl groups. I know you do too Tyler.

Chanté Moore: As If We Never Met – Chance are high that you have no idea who Chante Moore is, but chances are still very high that you?ve heard her voice before because she?s sang background vocals for just about everyone which is criminal because her voice is so beautiful. I was at a party not too long ago and some of her music was in the shuffle and I was reminded how wonderful her voice is.

Jade: Mr. Do Right – Yeah. I really miss girl groups, a lot.