Rock The Bells

Rock The Bells Concert 2008

Sunday I went to Rock The Bells with the lovely ladies pictured above and ye old ball and chain. It was hot and it rained off and on in the late afternoon but I couldn?t have been in better company.

It has also come to my attention, that maybe I?m getting too old for Hip-Hop. I mean, I suppose in theory one can never be too old for at least the music aspect of it, but culturally? I think either Hip-Hop has outgrown me or vice-versa, but in any case – a break-up might be on the loom.

The show was good. Since I?m older than dirt, I didn?t even stay to see Nas or A Tribe Called Quest and frankly, I?m okay with that. Everyone else that I saw was really good, particularly Mos Def, Dead Prez and Ghostace Killah & Raekwon. Oh, and Dear Ghostface – I love you so much, let?s get married and have babies, okay?