Nothing Doing

I think I need a snack. And a nap. I am feeling the urge to complain but there is nothing that I really need to actively complain about. Oh, I still don?t know where I?m moving to in 3 weeks – but those are just the minor details, no? I feel like I?m on the edge and I?m suppressing the urge to scream very loudly, but no words would come out anyway, so what would be the point?  Sharp subject change because this post is getting emo and I don?t want to be that person.

In between watching multiple episodes of The First 48, I have been socializing with actual human beings. On Wednesday I met Tyler (below, on left) in person after having known him online since 2001 and living in the same general area for 4 years, we both obviously like to draw things out. Dear Tyler, I am very sad we didn?t hang out sooner because I kind of love your guts.

tyler  brandon-and-carletta

Yesterday, I tricked my husband into a mall trip but then he tricked me by abandoning me and wasting his life space in one of those As Seen On TV stores. As if that were more compelling than watching me try on the same tank top in multiple shades, and are these jeans too tight? Later, I had an afternoon playdate with my new friend (that sounds so fischer-price) Brandon (above, right),  and after lunch I got hornswoggled into an H&M store which is – indescribable with actual words. I could maybe act out how it made me feel with facial expressions, but that would be far too much work and I?m already angst-ridden as it is.

Today and tomorrow I?m chained to my desk and acting super mopey because I?m having a fight with someone I care about a lot and if you guys could just see my chat logs with Amy, it is possible you would think I am crazy, or stupid. Or both.