Living With A Conscience

Pangea Organics

I know that being kind to the Earth has gotten to be kind of a trend/fad these days, but not all trends/fads go the way of say – Hammer pants. And at least as far as the environment goes, I think it?s nice to see people carrying their own shopping bags and touting the benefits of farmer?s markets. Plus, if it?s good for you – does it really matter if it?s trendy?

Still, having said that – trying to live with a conscience is hard. Really hard. In more than a few ways, my level of conscienceness about the products I buy and the food that I eat is directly related to how much money I have, or rather – don?t have. Case in point, the bar of soap pictured above cost me $6.99, which is slightly absurd I know. I


. And the body wash below was $12.99. When I paid for them I thought to myself, I have got to be crazy and maybe I am a little. But do you see the packaging? How could I say no? Plus, I get to lay down at night, smelling like Italian white sage – does your soap do that?

It wasn?t just the packaging though, although I admit that I am a sucker for things that are packaged nicely, but when I read the Pangea Organics website, I thought – well that?s kind of nice that they?re doing that and I figured I might try some of their stuff to see if I like it or if I?m allergic to things that are good for you. And by allergic I mean resistant, because it?s hard to change the things that we are so accustomed to in our day to day.

And I?m sure there are other organic soaps that work just as effectively and cost less, but I have 29 years of conditioning with regard to fragrance and foam and how that equates to cleanliness, so I need my products to be pretty, functional and make me want to sing in the shower. And for $6.99, it should probably lather and rinse me, but that might be asking too much?

I?m not some tree-hugging, patchouli-oil wearing hippie and I know that there are people who believe that organic living is a a bunch of malarkey, and listen – I have my lines. They are not exactly finite, but they exist all the same. I?m not going to stop eating meat, or try to convert people into believing that what I?m doing is the only way to live – but I do feel like on some level, albeit a very small level, I?m doing my part and it makes me feel good inside.

Soap and body wash come in an array of delicious scents from Pangea Organics, but can be purchased at World Market & Whole Foods as well.

Pangea Organics