Keep On Movin’

I wasn?t lying when I said that moving is a black hole. A big, gigantic, gaping black hole at that. But, I?m trying to remain optimistic about the very few things that are positive about this whole experience.

First, we don?t move very often and if the apartment we want becomes available – we?ll essentially be moving down the street and around the corner. Also, my husband treats me like the delicate flower that I am and doesn?t really let me move boxes, or pack, or pretty much touch anything because I suck at cleaning and packing. I mean, I just don?t see the need to clean stuff before it goes in a box – can?t we just clean it when we get there?

Then, there?s the whole getting rid of things. When you?re forced to condense your life into 700 or so square feet, you find that things you once deemed necessary or no longer so. It?s a hard process this, to whittle your belongs down, but it?s also a catharsis of sorts. Moving gives you the opportunity to leave behind the things that have ceased to be useful or the things that now just serve as clutter.

I?m using this move as kind of a do over. To only have the things in my life that I feel strongly about. I?m going to sit down with all my stuff and for the things I no longer love or haven?t used in this past year, I?m going to have to do the deed and break up with my own stuff. I imagine it will go something along the lines of – It?s not you, it?s me. I?m a hoarder, I horde and I don?t want to be that person. So stuff, we have to be apart. Yeah, it?s going to go just like that.

The reality is that I?ll probably still end up with a box of stuff tucked somewhere in a dark closet. Little knickknacks and reminders of days gone by. Breaking up is never easy after all.