Get In Where You Fit In

100_6889On Friday night, my husband and I gathered the troops and went to a weekly open mic event at Sankofa Bookstore (which, by the way now has a cafe in it run by a very handsome and kind friend of my husband so you should stop in and have a cup of coffee, something sweet or a sandwich). Afterward, we went to dinner with our mob and another friend of mine stopped by to join us for dessert.

While at dinner I had this thought about how some relationships require a good set of training wheels in that they are a bit shaky and apprehensive, and yet with others, you can take off your helmet and kind of ride freely with the wind in your hair and no worries. I love it when my friends fit seamlessly together, I don?t want to be cliche (but I?m going to), like pieces of a puzzle. I love it when they like one another, when they don?t require babysitting and when they?re self-confident in themselves.

I have a handful of friends who fit so perfectly into my life, it?s hard to imagine life on any level without them. That they are able to navigate amidst all of the insane social situations of my life makes me happy and proud that they are my friends.