For Better Or For Worse. Mostly Worse.

People, let me tell you the reason that both parties in a household need jobs is because if you don?t – you will get on each others nerves. We are about a month into No Job 2008 © and while things are okay, things are decidedly not okay.

I need to tell you that I tell my husband to shut up no less than 37 times a day, and I have the art of eye rolling down to sheer perfection. It?s not that I don?t want him to talk, I just want him to talk less. And really – is it asking too much that you do something about the staggering amounts of laundry everywhere and maybe wash those dishes? I mean, I know life is hard – but cut me some slack.

I?m not pretending that I?m a perfect wife, or a good one really – but, GOOD GRIEF MAN! I want you to know my husband internet so you can understand where this rage and lack of coping skills come from. There is no one on earth more capable of making me want to hurl myself down a flight of stairs than my husband. What can I say? We are in love.

I recognize that I?m lucky and trust me, I remind myself of that every single day – but right now I?m feeling like I need a vacation. And not a vacation from work, but a vacation from my marriage of perpetual insanity. I know that things will get better eventually, but right now I?m having to practice getting zen and trying not to say anything that I will regret the instant it leaves my lips. It?s hard, but I?m working on it.

Other than that, I?m here. I exist. I am not dead.