Power Failure

100_6206I?ve been bursting with words for a few days but I?ve been busy doing whatever it is that I do and forgetting to actually sit down and commit said thoughts into actual text. Last week was rough and tumble. On Friday, my Aunt had emergency brain surgery after suffering an aneurysm. She?s doing okay and I expect that she will fully recover because she?s tough like that, as are most of the women in my family which is one of the reasons I?m glad to have them in my life.



Saturday, I was catching up my sister on the details of my life and she said one of the sweetest, kindest things to me. I don?t even want to get into the trivial details but it was a nice moment because my sister and I have this relationship that often feels like it?s held together with tape and string. But in that special little moment, I felt my heart swell a little because I love my sister a lot and that we don?t have this relationship that I think so many sisters share, is hard for me.



Later in the day, the power went out at work and it is amazing to me how grown-ups react to being in the dark. I mean, if the boogie monster is coming to get you, it?s probably not going to be at work, you know? With an early pass to leave, I shopped a little with my husband and le Torrence, had dinner and then went bowling. Note: I am an awful bowler. Worse than awful really. My first game I think I bowled a 93 and I boosted my second game up to maybe 124 – which is a vast improvement but also pretty awful. Furthermore, I?m going to need the professional bowlers to not bowl anywhere near me as you cause me to feel inadequate and lame.



Harmela Turns 1On Sunday my life was a bit of a whirlwind. A quick shopping jaunt to the city (D.C.) with le Torrence and then to Maryland a birthday party for my husband?s cousin?s 1 year-old. Then back to Virginia for dinner and (lots of) drinks and gossip with more of my husband?s family. I don?t want to sound like a broken record, but I have to tell you (again) that I love my in-laws. Adore them even. They are just fundamentally very awesome and loving and I?m very lucky in that way. Yesterday I stayed mostly in my pajamas save for a three minute walk to the mailbox and the Mexican restaurant by my house.



Today, I?m back to the grind – attempting to stay focused on the days ahead and the things that I need to accomplish. I am in desperate need of actually sitting down to read a book because I feel like I?m getting dumber everyday, which may or may not be true depending on who you ask.



Also, the sunday share will resume next week for those of you who stopped by for that. I had songs all lined up, but it just never materialized.