IDK My BFF Jill Part III

Further proof that my phone holds all of the worlds most awesome text messages.

+ I misses you (again)

+ He kissed me when he saw me I'm still his wifey hahaha

+ WTF they hired a clown cause he hates them

+ I wish you were here I'm already pretty wasted. YAY. I wish (name) would fall in love with me already haha.

+ I like you a lot too lets be ghey!!


+ Generally speaking, I really love teh peen fyi.

+ Me, Usher, and Young Jeezy, Threesome in the club dude.

+ This muthaf#cking hummus is delicious!

+ Holy shit! Dude! Love those titties! What's (name) gonna do?

+ Oh so sorry, I totally forgot. I hope you feel better what do you want to eat my sunshine?

+ I love you too babe, love you too.

+ Morning lovely!

+ I just ate my first toaster strudel and now I wanna eat the whole box man.

+ 2things: 1 I love judge mathis, 2 (name)'s sister just texted me and not sure how I feel about that. cause I like her but dang we're not in-laws yet. ha!

+ I just can't help it. I like tyra!!! Haha

+ The j was as wide as me and as tall or taller than him and he's over 6?. It was all ridic and kind of hilarious. Now I wanna wake and bake. Hahaha.

+ I wish I could figure out how to capitalize mid-sentence

+ You bitch.

+ Guess who just busted out her phone manual?

+ I want a glamsquad.

+ I bet Usher has a small peen.

+ We are going to fight all night, I know it. I hate stupidity.

+ I just had a dream where I had five nipples. Two on each boob and one in the middle. I woke up and had to double check.

+ I keep smelling my banana to get the nasty smell away haha.

+ 1. The garbage man just honked at me. My type! 2. Thanks for reminding me how much I love this Destiny's Child song.

+ Oh brother! I made the bathroom stinkz and the trio of black ladies that came in after me commented about the severity of it. Was funny. I blew it up!

+ Yes I miss you! I was waiting for you to break the ice like Britney! Do you miss me? Do you miss the internets? I hope we talk again soon.


+ I love you too you are so my favorite!

+ I MISS YOU SO BAD. Looks like I'm driving (name) back to the city. I got hornswoggled!!!

+ I love Musiq Soulchild SO BAD.

+ I hate u

+ Oh yes. Considering I'm deadly allergic to peanuts I will pass on that ha ha. But yeah, we can def chill sometime eat or whatever. Although I don't know if I like being called the young one.

Part II