If this blog were a movie right now, it would be a western where the camera pans onto an empty town and tumbleweeds roll through. Yup. I want to tell you that I haven?t been writing that much because I?ve been doing something noble like trying to save the planet – but mostly I?ve been sleeping and complaining a lot about all things various and sundry. Amidst my complaints, I?ve been spending time with (the world?s greatest ©) in-laws and trying not to eat my husband?s cousin?s new baby girl (pictured below), or any of the other cute children in our family.

Soliana  Soliana

Then, when I?m not complaining or contemplating eating babies – I am trying not to roll my eyes right out of my head because my husband has packed every book I own away even though we?re not moving until August. I know he?s trying to be proactive, but it?s annoying. I?m a little glad to be moving though because me neighbors are the worst. I mean, worst is relative because they?re not manufacturing crystal meth or throwing wild parties – but they are generally rude and annoying and I dislike them (see: complainer).

Yesterday we received a sweet little note in the mail from the IRS about our stimulus and how wonderful it was and how they were going to be keeping that because we owe them. Thanks a lot! Naturally, it?s nice to have a large chunk of that taken care of but I wanted to be stimulated damnit! My reprieve is that tomorrow I?m planning on spending time with two people I love a lot and I?m hoping it will make me slightly less rageful (read: bitchy) and if not less rageful – at least a little more accepting of said rage.