Sunday Share: Fly Away

I actually did almost forget the Sunday Share, thank you J. for being my musical reminder. I appreciate you. This week is all about artists on the rise. I am sure that you will love all of this week's songs. Songs expire in 7 days.

Algebra: I Think I Love You – I find a lot of music on myspace which makes me feel happy and dirty inside. Happy because YAY music! Dirty because man, the worst thing myspace ever did was let people "design" their own pages. This is uncomplicated R&B that is heartfelt and beautiful.

Burntface: Fly Away – Burntface is an Ethiopian/Eritrean Hip-Hop collective and it's really good. Seriously good. You can see the video for this song on youtube and it's one of the better music videos that I've seen a long while. So much of Hip-Hop is stale and uninspired, that this is like a big, fat breath of fresh air.

Estelle: You Are (Feat. John Legend) – I might feel about Estelle just like I did about Robyn and Amy Winehouse. That is to say until they have taken over the world, I'll just keep posting music from them because I need you to hear it.

Lykke Li: Complaint Department -  Goldfrapp meets Roison Murphy. I know, it excites me too.  Li is a Swedish singer and I've got a big crush on Swedish musicians so it's no surprise that I am head over heels in love with the sound of her voice and the sweetness of her music.