Life In Redux

<3For a second just a moment ago, I couldn?t remember if I put on deodorant this morning. You can imagine how problematic such a thing could be. But then I remembered that I did because I got it on my shirt and was annoyed at having to clean it off. Don?t you love the finer details of my life.

I hope you guys had a good weekend because I did. Saturday I spent the day getting lost and found with my husband and Le Torrence. Lost trying to find a farmer?s market located not even 10 minutes from my house and found at Eastern Market spending my precious little pennies. I bought a few knick-knacks (a ring made from coconut shells and a cute pair of earrings) for myself and some food things for Memorial Day revelry, had lunch and then returned the kidnapped Torrence back to her home.

Later, got lost again in the fine state of Maryland with Torrence and then later ditched out on one of those at home jewelry party shindigs where I became shockingly aware that I am not yet part of the mommy set. And it should be noted that I love mom?s. I love my own and if you?re one, I probably love you too – but it?s so hard for me to be a part of a conversation regarding something for which I have no point of reference, I mean – can we talk about Britney? That, I can strike up some serious discourse over.

I?m (kind of) joking in that I can certainly talk about things that are more profound than Britney, but I also don?t really want to talk about how charming your kid is or your breastfeeding habits. Maybe later, but I?m not there yet. That was a ridiculous aside. I had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, that did not end well and I didn?t even get cheesecake which is simultaneously awesome and the worst decision I?ve ever made in life. C?est la vie I suppose.

Hellooo  Atlas

Sunday evening, and the better part of yesterday morning, I cooked. A lot. I made this roasted tomato salsa, this, but for shrimp, spinach and orzo salad, and cheater baked beans from veganomicon and they were absurdly good and no one would even miss the bacon I swear to you, this hummus (cooks illustrated, might require a subscription or some google fu), corn on the cob and a fruit salad. It was all very pretty and I took pictures of pretty much nothing. Way to drop the ball on that one. So you?ll have to just trust me.

Amazingly enough, one would think that after almost a decade of being part of (the world?s most awesome ©) Ethiopian family, that I would learn that things simply do not start on time. Ever. One day, or never, I?m going to learn. It was a good day though, spent with family and friends and my heart is happy today because it?s not Monday which means absolutely nothing to me really since I work on Saturday, but it means something to you Monday through Friday people and that matters to me.