IDK My BFF Jill Part II

More random text messages from my cell phone. I have the best friends for real:

– K. I'm so in love with you right now. How ghey :)

– You are a dream maker!

– Hahaha you and your safe answers. ilu etc haha

– Ps. I gave him a boner yessssss!!!

– Yum. I have no good snacks right now. I dunno what to eat. Haven't et. Gnarls Barkley is kinda exciting right now but not sure if its cause I'm high.

– Do I needs it? Brilly is almost as genius as brillz. Billyz!!

– I'm listening to Sublime. How 90?s of me!

– Oprah is lookin so busted today. Also, fat again. Snap!

– Chronic 2001 is so genius

– Me and handicapped dudes. Ugh. This one had no arm! He was so cute and was eyein me. Then I noticed. Story of my life.

– Wtf I think they turned the AC off on our floor. Dude haters! I feel like that should be illegal dang. Its kinda terribly hotness and stuffy.

– I love how we encourage each other. I'm singing That's What Friends Are For in my head while crying out in pain. WTF how am I gonna sit?

– Cause we love american boys too even tho you married a foreigner and I just had sex with Kumar and put his unamerican ……

– I FOUND MY EARRING IN THE STREET! They were meant to be. It is fatez!!!

– I misses you!

– Did you just now send me this or is my phone on crack like Whitney? Sorry if I'm waking you up.

– I don't mean to be a jerk but thank you i love you

– Me and Sean Paul should hook up. I was gonna say get married but I don't want the commitment.

– Hahaha I'm pooping right nowness!

– It is 830 in the freaking morning and it's 85 degrees. Someone kill me nowness! Gah!

– I can't help it! It's nine and 90?! How is that possible?! I dunno if I'll make it haha.

– beautiful South Africa! home today.

– Can u imagine living your life as a shrimp and having shit running through your back? That is awful! Thank God ur not a shrimp.

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