Good Day

Impromptu Bathroom Photo Shoot.

Impromptu Bathroom Photo Shoot. Impromptu Bathroom Photo Shoot.

I am having one of those days. One of those days where you feel so good inside you can barely stand it. Maybe it's the sunshine, maybe it's because I went to bed early, maybe it's because I kind of love the pants I'm wearing today. Let me tell you that I love these pants so much, I contemplated devoting a post to them because I think they make my butt like nice and I pretty much want to wear them everyday for the rest of my life.

Today while I was outside sunning myself like a cat, I looked down and noticed that a caterpillar was crawling on my shoe. I did the appropriate amount of freaking out and he (I assume it was a boy) went on his merry little way. I felt so bad that someone might step on his furry, soon to be a butterfly self that I found a stick, picked it up and put it in a large potted plant – screw you natural selection. Ha! He'll probably get eaten by a bird tomorrow, but I tried.

Memo to the world – I kind of don't care about the Sex And The City movie. I feel like in saying that, I might get my girl card revoked -  but umm, the show ended for a reason – could we not just leave well enough alone? And moreover, there are so many spoilers on the internet – I already know what happens and I still don't care. I'm still going to go see it though because I hate to be left out of watercooler talk. Yes, peer pressure is a bitch.

And yes, those photos were taken in a bathroom. Bathroom photography is the new bokeh.