Dear internet, I am wearing a new bra today. A new bra I got fitted for.  A new bra that has a cup size that is very large. VERY, VERY large.  I kind of want to tell you all about my new, fantastic bra size – but my internal filter is saying I should just keep that to myself, and so I will. However, word to the ladies – if you?ve never been fitted for a bra, please do that for yourself – because if you knew how far off base I was with regards to what size bra I should have been wearing – I mean, it was laughable. Funny thing about losing weight is that I?m a lot smaller around than I thought humanly possible, but my cups, they do runneth over.

This morning I almost ran into/got hit by a guy on a bicycle. As he zipped by I yelled out that I was sorry and he told me ?Get off your f#@&^g phone? as I was idly chatting on my cell phone. So, here?s my thing. IF you see someone on a cell phone who is obviously oblivious to your cycling, why not yell out, or I dunno, ride around them instead of trying to prove a point? AND, are you even allowed to bike on sidewalks sir? So to that guy – you?re kind of a prick and I just wanted you to know.

We just found out that my husband is losing is job on June 13th. I?m hoping that it?s going to become one of those blessing in disguise kind of things where you look back on it and say, oh pish posh – why were we ever worried, but right now I?m a little bit terrified. Okay, terrified might be extreme – but I?m certainly concerned. We?ll be okay, I think, but I?ll take all of the prayers and positive energy that you have laying around.

And because I like to end things on a non-depressive note. On Memorial Day, someone recognized me who reads this blog. How fantastic is that? And if you are that person and read this, thank you so much – you were very kind and I?m infinitely sorry that I forgot your name so please email me (

) to tell me again. It is in moments like that when I realize that even though this world is huge, it?s kind of small all the same and I love that.