“Maybe aging is the great humanizer. Maybe it’s what brings us closer together: the collective realization that we’re moving further and further away from our youthful dreams, and well, this? This is what life is. It’s waking up at 5:30 to go to a job you like just ‘ok,’ and it’s Lean Cuisines for lunch and stealing a few minutes here and there in your afternoon to email friends and check blogs and play Sudoku. And it’s paying for a chocolate brownie with three miles on the treadmill, and it’s new years resolutions to eat less and save more and learn to balance your checkbook. It’s looking up old boyfriends on Myspace and finding college roommates and posting pictures that make you look hotter than you feel most days of the week, and it’s looking in the mirror and seeing someone older than you remember before, and it’s so, so much ordinary.”