Technicolor Life

there are days when i feel utterly blessed. blessed to have the friends and the life i do, alternately there are days when i want to hurl myself into oncoming traffic or poke my eye out with a spork � but the good days are so good that they pale into comparison to the bad. 

i love my friends because they


draw me pictures with love and amusement. 

i love my friends because they write songs about me

C arletta, C arlotta � a work in progress

Remember those days, back in July?

Remember the times we laughed �til we cried?

The whole world was ours under the bright sky

And you looked at me with those black magic eyes

We raucously sang of our distant homes

And oftentimes when I felt so alone

I only had to simply pass you on by

And look into the black magic eyes

Que tienes los ojos

Negros y mágicos

Que alegría que me traigas así

Y si tu no sientes

Contenta mi bella

and i love my friends because they�re who they are. uniquely special and priceless.