the only things to eat in my house are cheese (of course), lettuce and some ben & jerry�s coffee ice cream. i need to buy groceries worse than life.  if i eat one more sandwhich from a seven-eleven or one more bag of lay�s potato chips, my body is going to have a giant upheaval and give up on me.

i�m off being the world�s greatest sister-in-law. to make the quandry of actually going to the grocery store even worse is that my sister-in-law (whom i�ve never met) is coming into town tomorrow night and will be staying at my house on saturday and sunday. this is bad because for a number of reasons:

  • i don�t like to clean, cleaning is for losers.
  • to combat me not cleaning, i have to have our cleaners come in � goodbye money.
  • after a 14 hour workday today, i have to go home tonight (and get up early in the morning) to do my pre-clean. what? i can�t have my cleaners think i�m a complete and utter slob.
  • somewhere in between there i need to shop for something sister-in-law friendly to wear (poor excuse to shop, i know) and not forget to balance my checkbook/pay the bills.
  • so, if i fall off the face of the proverbial earth