I admire the kind of people who can say to themselves that they’re just not going to worry or think about a particular something at any given point. I, however, am my mother’s child and was not gifted that ability.

I feel like the more I age, the more likely I am to fret over things both big and small. It’s not an outward ordeal or something that prevents me from living my life but more of an internal static that I can’t quite turn off. If there is a particular something weighing heavy on my mind, I will often lay in bed at night running back scenarios or replaying conversations until I fall asleep.

I suppose part of this is very classically the O in OCD and it’s definitely something I try to actively work on. When I see myself hyper-focusing, I try to push whatever it is out of my mind by redirecting my brain onto something else. This is usually moderately effective. Or a failure :)

I say all of this to say I want to be the kind of person who just lets go. Who just says to themselves – it’s over, let it go and then actually does that. I’m not sure how I’m going to reinforce this but I guess acknowledging it is a start?

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I hate when people write and apologize for being gone long stretches of time so I'm not going to do that here. I've opened up this window and even started a few drafts and then just as quickly abandoned them because I want to write but the words weren't coming. I'd start to type and then get distracted by pretty much anything and that was that.

I can't believe we've been back from Ethiopia for almost a month. I swear to you that it feels like yesterday. I've been working a lot. A LOT. Which is good for my bank account but leaves me with very little will to do anything else. I did take the day off last Saturday to celebrate my Julio's birthday and I've been trying to squeeze in a little of this and a little of that when time allows for it.

I've also slowly started trying to make my living space appear as if two adults live in it and not two teenage frat boys. This is a work in progress. We definitely have a lot of "stuff" but we've been pretty terrible about making sure all of a said stuff has a home to live in. Pray for my sanity and The Ethiopian's wallet.

As summer comes to an end and the weather becomes slightly less oppressive, I'm realizing how much things around me are changing. There are babies, marriages, moves - I suppose all of the life changes one would expect around them at this age but it feels a bit different though I can't pinpoint the why. All the same, I'm excited for my friends and loved ones who those changes are happening to. Life, it never stands still.

Some photos from life the last couple of weeks:

Super duper gonna miss this one (@lizzy_gogo) when she starts the next chapter of her life  #yestergramTo my Julio (@juleepatoolie) I wish you all of the goodness, light and l❤️ve possible in your next year. So happy to spend the day celebrating you and more importantly - so happy to call you my friend. Happy Birthday!

#Patternmixing like a boss because this week I'm living like "What would @lizzy_gogo do" (WWLGD)!@francesca_hurst made me lunch today because she loooooves me (and because I basically invited myself over & asked her to!)

Sneaky. Current obsession: sneakers & wearing them with all the feminine things. #newbalance #sneakersSometimes The Ethiopian buys me a single red rose just to remind me that he lurrrrrves me, also because he can never seem to find peonies, which I love bonus: an outfit photo!

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Eating – mozzarella sticks & a salad. The salad is mostly b/c I felt bad for just ordering mozzarella sticks.
Wearing – a ridiculous amount of both mascara and lip gloss; I am who I am
Reading – The last complete book in the Game of Thrones series. I read a lot in Ethiopia & I’d like to keep the momentum going
Loving – the smart folks I follow on twitter who inspire me daily.
Feeling – sad that I’m driving my niece to college today and leaving her there. TEARS.
Wanting – to be on vacation again

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